Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps to improve mobility, range of motion, functional ability, and quality of life.


- With a recent injury, sprain, ache, tweak or feel like something has slipped out of place

- that had pain or an injury for a long time and are looking for a permanent solution

- concerned about what the X-Ray or MRI results showed and want a 2nd opinion

- who DON’T want an injection or take any more medications

- Who DON’T want elective surgery

- That tried "physical therapy" in the past

- Who are not better with massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and several trips to the MD or orthopedic surgeon

- Who want power over their health and well-being



Neck and Back Pain

Acute Pain and Sports Injuries Disc Problems Shoulder Pain Rotator Cuff Injuries Bursitis Tendonitis Headaches and Migraines Vertigo & BPPV Pelvic & Tailbone Pain TMJ and Jaw Pain Scoliosis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Arthritis Torticollis

Restless Leg Syndrome Plantar Fasciitis Sacro-Iliac Pain Frozen Shoulder Sciatica Chronic Fatigue Knee Pain & Arthritis Myofascial Pain Balance Problems Fibromyalgia Repetitive Stress and Overuse Injuries Any pain condition, movement or mobility problem We also treat pregnant women, babies and children


- Hands-on treatment (Manual Therapy) to get you better

- Personalized treatment & exercise program specific to your need

- Individualized Education that teaches how to heal yourself

- Quality One-On-One patient care that empowers your to take control of how you feel for life

- Treatment provided only by board Certified Physical Therapist

- Priority scheduling with no waiting periods...



- That want natural relief without side effects

- Who want honest upfront advice from a healthcare professional and don’t want to waste time

- Who has been told to just “live with” their pain or that drugs, injections, or surgery is their only option

- Who don’t want to deal with nagging pain and want to live their life to the fullest

- Who are worried about what could be happening to them but know that going to see their primary care physician for medication isn’t the answer they’re looking for

- Who had an x-ray, MRI, or other expensive testing and now feel less hopeful about living life to the fullest because of common things like arthritis, bone spurs, herniated disc's or muscle tear

- Who want to prevent issues and want a customized exercise program to keep them strong and flexible to enjoy the things they love


û A person looking for an immediate cure

û A person who made their mind that physical therapy can’t help them no matter what

û Someone who is not committed to helping themselves or able to stick to a program

û A person who is not a candidate for PT based on our consultation results and who needs to be referred

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